Concrete is a preferred choice for residential and commercial flooring options because of its durability. However, we all know that cement can be damaged and stained, especially under pressure from vehicles or outside your residence or commercial building. A concrete coating finish can not only help provide the protection your concrete flooring needs but also provides an appealing design aesthetic. Garage Force is proud to be one of the nation’s leaders in floor coating installation. Our concrete coating systems provide a durable finished floor that is both easy to maintain and adds value to your home or auto shop.

Tune in to our concrete coating blog to learn everything you need to know about protecting and finishing your concrete floors. From finishing residential basements to revamping an entire auto shop, shop the entire concrete coating line available — discover the Garage Force difference today!

  1. What is the Best Concrete Coating?

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  2. A medium shot of a green sports car in a garage.

    Choosing the Right Garage Flooring

    Whether it’s a layer of concrete, an assemblage of tiles, or another protective sealant, deciding to refloor your garage is no small undertaking. But most homeowners who embark on the home improvement project agree that it’s well worth the time, investment, and energy. Once the renovation is com…Read More

  3. It’s Not Epoxy. It’s Garage Force.

    Breaking Away From Tradition For decades, sealing your concrete floors with epoxy has pretty much been the norm. As a matter of fact, there’s a very good possibility that you were searching for concrete epoxy service when you came across this page! Garage Force is here to inform you that there is …Read More

  4. Garage Force Flooring For The Holidays!

    Give The Gift Of Garage Force Flooring For The Holidays! Have you been looking for something special to get for your loved one who spends a lot of time in the garage this holiday season? Rejuvenate, protect and enhance your home or work space with the gift of Garage Force Concrete Coating Systems. T…Read More

  5. Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Coatings

    Here at Garage Force, concrete coating is our life and passion. This is what we do every single day and we absolutely love it. However, we also realize that not everybody out there loves concrete coating as much as we do or have the same level of knowledge and experience with them. And that’s perf…Read More

  6. Don’t Forget the Floor When Creating Your Own Man Cave!

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  7. Trick-Or-Treat Yourself to the Most Durable Concrete Coating

    Fall is upon us already, which means winter isn’t far off. When it comes to concrete, winter and the cold temperatures and added moisture that come with it can spell doom for your concrete flooring, even in semi-protected areas such as your garage or patio. Concrete problems are therefore more lik…Read More

  8. What is a Solid Color Concrete Coating System?

    When you’re browsing the market looking for the best concrete coating system for your garage floor or other concrete surface on your property, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the different options, styles and brands. Figuring out with concrete protector to go with will likely take a bit…Read More

  9. What is a Quartz Concrete Coating System?

    Not every concrete coating system is suitable for what you need or what may be required. This is especially true for more industrial applications such as auto shops, gyms, restaurants and other businesses. Cheaper is certainly not better and you may end up paying more in the long run if you don’t …Read More

  10. What is a Metallic Concrete Coating System?

    Deciding which concrete coating system is best for you and your cement flooring might seem at times like a daunting task, however, when you think about what’s important to you and your project and prioritize them, it’s much more manageable. Here at Garage Force, we’ve developed multiple concre…Read More

  11. What is a Medici® Concrete Coating System?

    Find yourself debating which concrete coating system is the best for you? You’re not alone. There are so many different options out there available to you. You’ve likely looked at epoxy flooring, possibly even simple concrete stains or paints. Figuring out what you need depends greatly on what y…Read More

  12. What is a Full Chip Concrete Coating System?

    When it comes to concrete coating, there is no shortage of options out there for you when you’re seeking to protect your garage floor or another cement flooring, both inside and out. Choosing which concrete coating system is best for you and your flooring depends greatly on several factors, includ…Read More