While we are of the firm opinion that applying a concrete coating to your garage flooring is a job best left to the expert professionals, we also understand that many of you out there simply aren’t going to take no for an answer. It’s a job you’ll do yourself.

So, we here at Garage Force at least want to make sure you have an idea of what you’re getting into before you begin this DIY project. We do feel that it’s better you’re protecting your garage floor rather than not at all, so that’s a win for everyone.

Our revolutionary polyurea coating installs quickly, but is more difficult than the traditional epoxy flooring, which is why you really should strongly consider letting our professional team of experts handle the job for you. Otherwise, follow these five basic steps and closely follow the instructions on the concrete coating you choose to use.

  1. Remove Everything

You’ll want to begin by taking everything out of your garage and store them somewhere safe so there is nothing in your way or on the garage flooring. You can store things inside the house or in a shed if you have one. If nothing else, place items in the driveway and cover them with a tarp in case of inclement weather.

  1. Clean the Floor

Creating a clean, smooth surface is important in order for the concrete coating to bond properly and without common issues like bubbling. You should sweep the garage flooring first to remove all debris, then scrub away any dirt, oil or other debris that might be attached to the concrete. There are tools out there that will make this easier. Using a power washer is preferable is you have one or can rent one to blast away as much debris as possible.

  1. Squeegee and Let it Dry

After you’ve finished sweeping, scrubbing away the gunk and power washing the garage flooring, you’ll then want to squeegee the entire floor in order to remove any and all water from the concrete surface. This will help the drying process go much quicker. The garage flooring needs to be completely, 100% dry before you proceed.

  1. Apply the First Coat

Apply the first coat of the concrete coating using rollers and brushes for the finer corner and trim areas. You want to do the trim first before working the concrete coating on the rest of the garage flooring with a roller. Make sure to apply evenly across the whole surface and work in small sections at a time.

  1. Apply Decorative Flakes and Let it Dry

A second coat will complete the concrete coating and many choose to apply decorative chips during the second coat to add a more visually-appealing look to the garage floor. Sprinkle them on in a random pattern right after applying a second coat to each section. You must then let the concrete coating dry for as long as the instructions call for, which is often 48 hours or more.

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