When setting up your ideal man cave, it’s pretty likely you’ve thought of most everything. You need all the essentials: a big-screen television, comfortable seating, maybe a pool or ping pong table and, of course, the beer fridge. Don’t forget the beer fridge!

But there’s probably one thing you did forget, but you really shouldn’t. Especially if you’re smart and turned your garage into your man cave (which is a fantastic way to expand the usable space in your home, FYI) — the flooring! Here at Garage Force, we take our concrete flooring pretty seriously and it’s our hope after today that you do too.

Through our revolutionary polyurea concrete coating systems, you gain the two-pronged benefit of ultimate protection for your concrete flooring and the amazing aesthetic versatility that comes with each of our concrete coating options. Today, let’s look at a few areas in which includes your floor into the plan is beneficial and a must-do element to any man cave.

Importance Of Having Your Own Space

First off, creating your own space is important. You need somewhere to get away, think or just disconnect and hang out with your buddies and leave all the stress of life behind. For many of us, the garage is an excellent place to do this. You can turn the garage into a traditional man cave or simply trick it out Tim the Toolman Taylor style for those of you who take their cars/motorcycles and tools seriously.

Low-Maintenance Flooring

OK, let’s get to it! One of the many great benefits to our polyurea concrete coating systems, in particular, is how low maintenance they are. Once they’re installed (which can take less than a day because of incredibly fast cure times), they are easy to clean because they are completely resistant to spills — liquid or chemical! They won’t absorb anything because they’re sealed and repel liquids and odor. Your floor won’t crack, chip or develop any other common concrete problems.

Customizable Solution

No matter your style or the look you want in your man cave, Garage Force has the answer for you. We offer multiple concrete coating systems, each with a different aesthetic appeal and unique characteristics, but all providing the same great protection you desire. From a metallic look to timeless solid colors, you can find what you need with us. Available concrete coating systems we offer include:

Stronger Than Epoxy Flooring

Best of all, our polyurea concrete coating systems are by far the ultimate concrete protector in the industry. In fact, our concrete coating is 20 times stronger than traditional epoxy flooring! This huge difference in strength is due to the research, development and technology we use to create the coatings. You gain added durability over epoxy because our options are all resistant to UV light (so colors don’t yellow or fade), water, chemicals, moisture, impact, abrasion and stains. The installation process is also much quicker as the cure times are incredibly fast, taking as little as a day or less!

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