Give The Gift Of Garage Force Flooring For The Holidays!

Have you been looking for something special to get for your loved one who spends a lot of time in the garage this holiday season? Rejuvenate, protect and enhance your home or work space with the gift of Garage Force Concrete Coating Systems. There are several different options available that can accommodate any concrete floor you can imagine! Read on to find out more about what’s in store for you and your loved ones this holiday season from Garage Force!

It’s Not Epoxy, It’s Garage Force Coating.

Whatever floor coating you decide upon for your special someone, rest assured that you’re also getting something special. We take our flooring systems beyond mere epoxy. For example, our Decorative Chip System, or “The Full Chip,” is 20x stronger than the typical epoxy flooring, and cures in a fraction of the time. You concrete flooring can be vehicle-traffic ready in just 24 hours after an install, which itself can be accomplished in as little as one hour, depending on the size of the project. This is not your typical spit-shine — this is Garage Force. 

Our concrete coating systems are designed to withstand anything you can throw at them. Road salt from that winter snow storm? Not a problem. Oil, gas, and grease from your latest automotive project? It can handle it. Inside or outside, Garage Force flooring systems are built to last. Period. 

You Have Options!

From simple, trustworthy options, to the most luxurious heavy metal concrete coatings, you can decide what your floors need. Need to spiffy up your garage with a dependable, beautiful floor? Consider the Decorative Chip System. Need something extremely durable and able to take the hardest of hard knocks? Then perhaps you need to look at our Quartz Concrete coating system, which adds texture, OSHA-standard non-slip surfacing, and unbeatable durability to any concrete floor. Maybe you have a basement that needs some TLC, due to cracked, weathered, or damaged floors? Our solid-color concrete flooring system is perfect in this scenario. The self-leveling properties of this particular coating will give new life to old, dingy concrete, and is available in vibrant colors. 

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

When you decide to give the gift of Garage Force flooring, that gift is going to keep on giving for years to come. Each of our floor-sealing systems comes complete with a true lifetime warranty. Years from now, you can rest assured that the concrete flooring in your garage, workspace or living space will look just as amazing as the day it was installed. We believe in our coating systems, and we will deliver a top-of-the-line result that will keep your loved ones thankful that you chose Garage Force coating systems this holiday season.