People have a tendency to go with what they know. It’s human nature. In the concrete coating business, for years that has meant epoxy. But this isn’t the 1970s anymore, there are far more options available, so there are those out there smartly asking a very legitimate question: is epoxy the best concrete protector?

Here at Garage Force, we are concrete coating experts and want to help any of you out there wondering about epoxy or other forms of concrete protector figure out really what is the best option for your garage floor or concrete flooring. In today’s post, we’d like to tackle that aforementioned question and take a look at epoxy. Is it the best concrete protector?

The short answer is no. But let’s dive in and explain why!

Epoxy Flooring

Despite popular belief out there among many, epoxy is indeed NOT paint. Epoxy flooring is a concrete protector and was the top choice for many people looking to protect their garage floors and other concrete floorings from damage. That’s why epoxy is so well known and often comes up quickly when discussing concrete coating. But like all things, technology advanced and better options came to the market. While this didn’t and hasn’t rendered epoxy completely useless (there are times it may be a good option for you), it wouldn’t be our recommended choice for serious protection. Therefore, it is most definitely not the best concrete protector.

We took a closer look at epoxy flooring in a previous blog post, and we suggest you read it for a detailed look at epoxy, but we’ll give you a quick recap as to what epoxy is and then tell you about what actually is the best concrete protector out there.

Epoxy Overview

  • Epoxies are resin polymers that form a protective barrier and adhere to surfaces that are meant to protect from damage.
  • Epoxies come in different thicknesses and bond well to concrete flooring, however, the color fades over time and doesn’t hold up well to sunlight exposure.
  • Other disadvantages include taking a long time to dry, epoxy doesn’t bond well in high or low temperatures, it’s less resistant to high heat and tire peeling and it isn’t stain proof and can be damaged by oil, salt and gas.

As you can see, there are several drawbacks when it comes to epoxy. For anybody looking to fully protect their investment in a great-looking garage, there are better options available to you. So, you might be asking, actually is the best concrete protector if it’s not epoxy? Well, continue on and we’ll tell you!

Polyurea Concrete Coating

Simply put, polyurea concrete coating is the very best option out there for protecting and maintaining the integrity of your garage flooring. It’s what we use here at Garage Force because of how strong, durable and long-lasting it is. Polyurea concrete coating is 20 times stronger than epoxy, which makes it damage/abrasion-resistant, repels chemicals like oil and is UV stable so the color doesn’t fade. Plus, installation can happen at any time of year because of how temperature resistant it is. You can install polyurea in a day or fewer thanks to fast curing time.

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