Diving in fresh can make the topic of concrete coating seem a little confusing and it’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole of reading, science and misinformation. We don’t want that frustrating experience for you, so we’re going to keep it basic, yet still plenty informative!

In the simplest terms, concrete coating is fairly basic in just exactly what it is. Of course, in application, concrete coating is significantly more detailed and complex, but there’s no need to bore you with the minute details.

Instead, Garage Force wants you to have a solid, fundamental understanding of concrete coating, so we’ve put our unparalleled expertise in the industry to boil concrete coating down into this digestible post. Enjoy!

Topical Concrete Coating

A topical concrete coating is a material that is applied to a concrete surface for protection and/or aesthetics, adding cosmetic and durability benefits to the concrete surface. Pretty simple, right? But within this framework, there are many different types of concrete coating to choose from. Let’s take a look at each type:

Acrylic Sealers

Acrylic concrete coatings are generally one-component systems. They usually have a clear finish (but can be dyed or glossed), can be used to concrete inside and outside and are typically the cheapest concrete coating option. However, they have a short life span and need to be reapplied often.

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy provides longer life than acrylic sealers, usually costs more, but has better performance. There are several options within epoxies, however, they don’t provide UV protection, so they fade and yellow. Epoxies were popular for many years, but are now far from superior concrete coating solutions.


Much thicker and durable than acrylics or epoxies, polyurethanes offer more protection and lifespan than the other types as well. They cure at low temperatures and resist high ones. Generally, they are two-component systems.


By far the most superior concrete coating system, polyureas offer UV protection as well as the best guard against all other types of damage like chemicals, abrasions and impacts. They possess excellent low- and high-heat resistance qualities, not to mention the best adhesion to the concrete surface. Polyureas have the longest lifespan, fastest cure rates and are environmentally friendly.


A subset of polyureas, this concrete coating is designed with the intent of curing slower than polyurea, but faster than the other types, in an effort for easier installation. They possess the same protective qualities as polyureas.

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We hope that cleared things up for you without tossing a whole bunch of chemistry jargon at you and praying any of it stuck! Essentially, concrete coating is a great way to protect your concrete surfaces, but inside and outside!

There are several options to choose from as we laid out above, but not all concrete coating is equal. For any garage floor coating, we highly recommend a polyurea system for industry-best protection for long-term cost savings. Plus, within polyurea, there are several options to best fit the need and look you’re wanting!

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