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Are you interested in getting in on the ground floor of an exciting new opportunity?

We can turn your dreams of owning and operating a business into reality, and you can join us as we become one of the largest and most reliable providers of concrete coating solutions in the country.

The Garage Force franchise plan is custom built to suit your needs. Our franchisees receive all the installation equipment and training to start making profit, right from the first job. We also provide you with all the promotional and marketing materials necessary to get the word out in your area.

Garage Force franchises sell and install premium garage floor coating systems and storage solutions. Our patented polyurea floor coating systems offer unique characteristics that make them superior to any other product on the market. They are 20X stronger than epoxy, never fade or yellow, are resistant to all common chemicals, and can be applied year-round in just one day, regardless of weather.

Starting a business can be stressful, and often expensive, but our goal is to make it as simple and straightforward as possible. We don’t require tens of thousands of dollars down. We’ve developed a financing system that will allow anyone, with minimal up-front costs, to get started immediately.

Our floor coating systems practically sell themselves, and your team should be the one doing the installation.

The Potential is Clear!

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