More Than Just a Floor

How well do you know your concrete? It’s easy to take advantage of the technical marvel that is the concrete floor, because it has a storied history that goes back millenia. Read on to discover 10 things that you never knew about the humble concrete floor. 

1. Reinforced Concrete Is Fire & Water Resistant.

Concrete is one of the very few building materials that can reliably hold its own against the destructive power of both fire and water. Concrete cannot be burned, and it doesn’t give off any harmful toxins when exposed to extreme heat. It really is one of the ultimate building blocks.


2. The First Concrete Highway Was Built 110 Years Ago.

It makes sense that the first concrete highway was built in part of what is now Detroit, the Motor City. Prior to using concrete for roadways, it was all bricks and cobblestones. Thank goodness for the smoother ride we enjoy today because of concrete!


3. Ancient Romans Used Concrete.

Although it is still used widely today, concrete has roots all the way back in ancient Rome. A form of concrete called pozzolano was used by combining lime, water and volcanic ash from a little mountain called Vesuvius. Some concrete structures still exist today that were created using this ancient building material! 

4. Concrete Is Different From Cement.

Rather, cement is in concrete. Concrete is made up of about 10-15% cement mixture, with the remaining percentage being different amounts of sand, gravel, stone, and water. Remember that the next time someone mentions a cement sidewalk- you can be a smartypants and correct them, letting them know that what they most likely meant was a  concrete sidewalk. Your friends will love it. 

5. Building Underwater? Concrete It Is.

There is no other building material suitable for underwater construction than reinforced concrete. Unlike wood, which will decay and degrade over time, concrete is incredibly water-resistant, even out-performing steel when it comes to underwater construction.

6. It Takes A Lot Of Force To Break Concrete.

In pounds per square inch of pressure, it takes about 3,000-7,000 pounds of force to break concrete, although some mixtures and formulas can resist pressures of upwards of 20,000 pounds per square inch. 

7. The Largest Concrete Structure Is In China. 

Spanning over 7,500 feet across and 600 feet in height, the Three Gorges Dam on China’s Yangtze River is the largest concrete structure in the world. The reservoir it created holds as much water as Lake Superior. 

8. The Pantheon Is Concrete.

The dome of the Pantheon in ancient Rome is still considered one of the largest, unreinforced concrete domes in the world. The fact that it still stands today is a testament to the ingenuity of humanity and the invention of concrete.

9. The Hoover Dam Is Still Curing.

According to engineers, concrete used in the core structure of the Hoover Dam in Nevada is still curing, even though the dam was finished with construction over 75 years ago.

10. Garage Force Makes Your Concrete Last Longer.

Alright, maybe you knew this one was coming. Concrete is one of humanity’s major construction accomplishments, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Garage Force wants to make sure that any concrete you have in your home or workplace stays in optimal condition for years to come, whether you’re creating your own Pantheon in the back yard or just wanting your garage to look spectacular. Contact us today and let us get starting making your concrete flooring something for the history books!