Dark, dirty, cold. Forgotten and taken for granted, your garage has become the graveyard for the lost, old and unused. That’s often just the nature of life for a house’s garage space. People simply don’t value their garage like they do the rest of their home.

But why? When you think about it, a garage constitutes a sizeable portion of your home and, for the most part, goes completely underutilized. It’s not uncommon for a garage to become a log jam of clutter and junk. An embarrassment of your darkest pack-rat tendencies you’d rather remain hidden.

At Garage Force, we see the benefits of having a nice, maintained garage every single day. By applying a concrete finish to your garage floor, you’re substantially increasing the usable space for your house, which makes the garage an extension of your home, not a dark, dirty and cold wasteland.

Expand Your Home’s Value

On average, a two-car garage is 26 feet by 26 feet, or 676 square feet. A four-car garage can be 1,440 square feet or more! That’s a ton of space with potential for your property. A house’s square footage is directly related to the overall worth, but people only value (and buy) space that is useable. One example added $30,000 to the value of their home just by having a basic garage. A concrete finish is well beyond basic and certainly creates additional value to the space.

By creating a space that looks inviting and functional, you’re allowing others to envision how they would make use of the space as a valuable component of a home. A bare, concrete floor doesn’t communicate living space. It says “outside,” which doesn’t translate to usable space under the roof.

Create A Get-Away Area

Ever watch episodes of “Home Improvement”? How much time does Tim “The Toolman” Taylor spend in his immaculate garage? It feels like at least a third of the show, because that garage is his space, a haven to get away.

Nobody wants to spend time in a dark space with bare concrete. Instead, finish the floor and create an area for you to get some work done. Maybe set up a little space for chairs (or couch!) and a TV or just hang out with your buddies and some cold drinks on warm summer nights.

However you choose to use the newfound space in your home, the idea is the same: you no longer have to feel like your garage is out of bounds.

Protect Your Vehicles

Sometimes a garage can get so bad that its intended purpose becomes impossible — parking your car. We all know that person who’s forced to leave the car in the driveway or on the street because there’s just no room in the garage.

A concrete finish enables your garage space to function as a workshop, completely protecting your floor, and a place you can feel comfortable storing you vehicles to shield them from the elements or theft.

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It’s time to quit letting your garage space sit around like a glorified shed. This space can be a valuable part of your house, and it starts with a professional, beautiful concrete finish for the floor. This is your foundation to transform the garage from an off-limits area to a functional extension of your home.At Garage Force, we provide the absolute best concrete finish materials and systems with experienced installation at an incredible value. Contact us for a free quote today!