New Year. New Floor.

Can you believe it is already 2020? Supposedly there were going to be flying cars and robot butlers by now. Although that technology may still be a few years away (a man can dream), Garage Force can deliver the best concrete flooring technology available, and it’s not science fiction. If you need to spruce up your garage, your basement, or your workspace with something better than traditional epoxy, look no further than Garage Force. 

Full Chip Coating System

The Full Chip, or what we sometimes call our “Decorative Chip” system, is the most popular coating system that we offer. Don’t be fooled, it’s more than just decorative. This durable and attractive coating system can be applied to your floors in as little as one to three hours, depending on square footage. The first layer to go down is a polyurea primer that protects your concrete better than epoxy, as well as a decorative chip pattern of your choosing. The second layer consists of a slip-resistant clear coat for a high gloss, beautiful shine.

Medici Coating System

Our Medici Polyurea color coating system provides for you a color palette with finishes that are just not possible with epoxy. It is stunning, and it outperforms any other acrylic or acid stain you can find. It’s easy to maintain, and there is no need to even wax it!

Metallic Coating System

Garage Force’s Metallic Coating system is one of our high-end babies. This durable flooring system uses metallic powder tints that give a unique, flowing metallic finish to our floors. This floor coating system is very resistant to chemicals and wear, and the pearlescent finish makes for a show-stopping finish to any concrete floor — in a garage, basement, lobby, or studio!

Quartz Concrete Coating System

Our Quartz concrete sealing system is the warhorse of our product line. This flooring system means business. This coating provides a super-durable finish with abrasion resistance and a rough texture that is designed to comply with OSHA standards for slip requirements. If you need concrete coated in a restaurant, gym or an auto shop, consider our Quartz sealing system. It is second to none.

Solid Color Coating System

Our Solid Color concrete coating system is the sharpshooter of our lineup. In one, single, direct-to-concrete coating system made up of  cyclo-aliphatic hybrid properties, all it takes is one application to transform your floor, curing in less than a day. This is also the perfect solution for a concrete floor that may have been damaged or is cracking, spalling or flaking. The unique properties of this sealing system fill in those cracks and gaps, reinvigorating your concrete, and looking spectacular to boot. 

New Floor. New Year.

Your concrete floors will never be the same. Choose any of the quality sealing solutions from Garage Force for your concrete workspace or living space, and start the new year off right. Contact us today and let us get started on your New Year’s resolution! With locations in 23 states, we’re close by and ready to rock!