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Our Process “Chip System”

Concrete Preparation

  • Mechanically prepare the surface to accept the coatings and ensure proper adhesion

Clean The Surface

  • Remove all dust and debris from concrete before coating

Crack & Pit Repair

  • Repair any cracks or pits in the concrete

Prepare The Coatings

  • For your floor…

Coat Verticles and Stairs

Apply Polyurea Basecoat

Broadcast Chips

Remove Excess Chip & Scrape Smooth

Vacuum Entire Floor

Apply Clear Polyurea Topcoat

Full Chip System – Our Most Popular System!

Our most popular system, the Full Chip system, is completely resistant to hot tires and almost all common chemicals. This coating can withstand salt, oil, gasoline, and grease

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Medici System

The Medici Polyurea Color Coating System creates a variety of decorative finishes that will outlast any other acrylic or acid stain system on the market.

Solid Color System

The Solid Color System provides incredibly adhesive colored floors that are guaranteed to be durable, chemical and abrasion resistant.

Quartz System

The Quartz System is a durable coating, with extreme abrasion resistance and a rough texture that conforms to all OSHA slip requirements

Metallic System System

The pearlescent Metallic System is a durable, high-end flooring system that uses metallic powder tints to create a high-gloss look.

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