Tough and luxurious — Heavy metal concrete coating

The pearlescent Metallic Coating System is a durable, high-end flooring system that uses metallic powder tints to create a high-gloss, heavy metal look. The process begins with the PolyCuramine™ clear base coat. PolyCuramine is an odor-free, flexible coating system that is extremely resistant to chemicals and wear. Metallic tints create a pearlescent finish to provide a luxurious finish anywhere. An optional top-coat provides a clear high-gloss finish for ultimate durability.

Benefits of the Medici Polyurea Color Coating System:

  • High-Quality Gloss Finish — No Waxing Required!
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Use on Concrete, Wood, and Tile

The Metallic Coating System by Garage Force is the solution to all of your floor design needs. Contact us for your free price quote and to get your installation scheduled!

Colors Available


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